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Перейди на сайт партнера, закажи товар или услугу и получи бонусы. Или сделай это через приложение.

Воспользуйся бонусной картой "MacPaw" и получи вознаграждение!
1. После активации нажми "Перейти на сайт"

2. Выбери на сайте нужный товар или услугу
и сделай заказ как обычно

3. Получи бонусы от "MacPaw" на свой счет в ZR.CARD

Полученными бонусами ты сможешь оплатить мобильную связь, интернет, тв или услуги ЖКХ, или вывести их в рублях на свою банковскую карту.

О компании
MacPaw specializes in creating Mac software with outstanding design and usability. MacPaw best-sellers include: 1. CleanMyMac 3 - to scan every inch of your system, remove gigabytes of junk in just two clicks, and monitor the health of your Mac 2. Gemini - to find duplicate files and wipe them away 3. Hider 2 -  to hide and encrypt data on your Mac But there is more! MacPaw offers software to listen to online radio stations based on your tastes, to group apps on your Mac neatly into categories so it will take you seconds to find them, to add an encryption to your files to make them incredibly secure... and more!   Advantages for partners: 1. It costs absolutely nothing to become an affiliate partner and you can end your affiliate relationship at any time 2. How much you earn depends on how many of the visitors you refer complete a purchase - the sky is the limit 3. The starting commission is 35% 4. MacPaw will provide you with banners and logos that you can use to advertise the company's software on your website, blog, or to your social media community   Sincerely, affiliate program
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